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Monday, December 14, 2009


So, even though, literally, millions and millions of music blogs exist on the internet, I've decided to add one more. I think the internet can handle it.

Anyway, my name is Nate, and I like music...obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this. I started liking music ever since I heard my dad's cassette of Frank Zappa's "Strictly Commercial: The Best of Frank Zappa." Although, I was quite an anomaly being the only 6th grader in my school who even knew who Frank Zappa was, and didn't listen to KoRn or Limp Bizkit or whatever was popular at the time. From there, my music tastes evolved (and devolved) over time. I started getting into classic rock like Floyd and Zeppelin at first, then I had a terrible period in late middle school where I listened to bad 80s songs, and I had a period of time in high school where the majority of my music collection was metal. And in early college, I turned my back on the Western music scene and listened to stuff mostly from Japan.

But really, this all just factored into what my music tastes are today... practically everything. There's a few genres I don't really care for, like country and hardcore rap and this whiny version of rock that seems to be so popular with the kids these days, but, I'll give everything a try at least once. My music collection has everything from Woody Guthrie to Killswitch Engage, so, it's pretty well varied, I guess.

I started this blog because I like writing, especially about music. So, I decided to give this a try and unleash my opinions about music for the world to see.

Anything else about me? Well, I'm a college student majoring in Japanese (odd, I know) at SUNY Albany, but I grew up in Vermont. I'm not going to list my favorite bands, because that would take DECADES, but, people who are in the know can probably figure out that I'm a fan of Weezer. I still like Zappa. Basically, anything with a loud guitar.

So, sit back and follow along. I can't say that you'll agree with me, but it will be fun anyway.

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